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CURE Kenya Partners with M-Pesa Foundation to Treat More Children, Longer

(From the left) Chairman of the CURE Kenya Board, Mr. Bedan Kamau, and the Acting Executive Director of CURE Kenya, Dr. Joseph Theuri, lay a brick during the construction of a new hostel and expansion of a ward at CURE Kenya to celebrate the partnership between CURE Kenya and M-Pesa Foundation.


AIC-CURE Children’s Hospital in Kenya (“CURE Kenya”) was Kenya’s first Pediatric Orthopedic hospital when it opened in Kijabe in 1998. Today, the hospital performs an astounding 2,000+ charitable life-changing reconstructive and orthopedic surgeries annually for children suffering from treatable disabilities. But hope and healing will reach even more families very soon.

Many parents travel hundreds of miles to bring their children to CURE Kenya. For some, getting there is only half the battle. Patients and their families need a place to stay while their loved one awaits surgery. As for the patients, many require long-term postsurgical observation or physical therapy that further extends stays. Unfortunately, nearby safe, affordable, and flexible temporary housing options are extremely limited.

If CURE Kenya could find a way to build its own lodging option, it could serve more children. A new partnership with the M-Pesa Foundation, CURE is doing just that.

On 1 December 2022, CURE Kenya launched a project to build a hostel, which will serve as a long-term patient ward and lodging option for patient families. The ward and hostel completion project will provide the hospital with 21 more beds in a pediatric wing, 14 new beds for a long-term hostel, and the renovation of a pediatric male ward.


The Taylor Spatial Frame on 10-year-old Paul’s leg is correcting his clubfoot through a series of turns requiring constant attention by the medical team. Paul is the type of patient who will benefit from a long-term stay in the patient hostel.


“For over two decades, CURE Kenya has been an answer to the prayers of patients and their families in need of life-changing surgical procedures,” said Dr. Evelyn Mbugua, Executive Director of CURE Kenya. “This new building will allow us to touch the lives of many more children by increasing the number of surgeries we can perform by 50%. We are grateful for the long-standing and highly impactful partnership with the M-Pesa Foundation”


The M-Pesa Foundation is a charitable trust that aims to promote health, education, and environmental conservation for the social and economic benefit of the people of Kenya. A generous grant from the foundation is funding this project.

CURE Kenya has partnered with M-Pesa Foundation for the last five years in another project called Wezesha Elimu, which seeks to bridge the gap and secure education for children with disabilities through corrective surgeries, provision of assistive devices, and appropriate school placement.


Expansion for the boys’ ward is underway at CURE Kenya provided in partnership with M-Pesa Foundation.


In addition to increasing the number of patients CURE Kenya can serve, the hostel will also improve the quality of care as some clinical interventions to treat severe limb deformities require frequent adjustments but minimal nursing care. This usually requires the patient to stay in or near the hospital for weeks after surgery. Ward beds are freed up for more new patients when long-term patients can be moved into the hostel.


Mothers are trained to adjust the values on a Taylor Spatial Frame used to correct limb deformities which is done frequently and under the supervision of CURE Kenya medical staff.


The new hostel will also feature a resource center for patients and their families, providing opportunities to develop skills that could be useful to those staying for extended periods of time.


Learn more about partnering with CURE Kenya to help kids heal here.

All surgeries at CURE Kenya are made possible by generous donors, click here to sponsor a child today.


About AIC-CURE Children’s Hospital of Kenya

CURE Kenya has been a place of hope since opening its doors in 1998. We were Africa’s first orthopedic teaching hospital when it opened in Kijabe. More than just providing life-changing surgeries, CURE cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of all our patients. Our teaching hospital has 47 beds, four operating rooms, and an outpatient clinic.

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CURE Kenya’s mission is to provide every child living with a disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.

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